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Instead I'm watching Kennedy giving his "Moon" Speech.

Hello F-List. Not Dead, just been incredibly busy with school.

XOXO, Enjoy some history.

Will try to be more active after this week.

Edit: Stupid Video, not embedding properly. ....There we go.
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Ugh! Grimm fandom, why are you so insistent on bringing me down.

I know, I know. I should just ignore the irritating parts of fandom I really should. But then, I wouldn't be me. And almost do passive aggressive shit to other people, only to back off at the last moment because I don't want to be mean.

So, in order to not enter into any sort of discussion that might, might bring me into conflict with anyone on the kink meme, I've decided to do another list. Because I love lists.

Without further ado...

Ten Things I love about (ANY) fandom )

Fandom, you stole my heart, so just take it already. ♥
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...But thank goodness I have a couple of weeks before the new Once Upon A Time to finish my August origin story.

I should be ashamed of myself. I know.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why does this man spawn the craziest conspiracy theories, from me, for the whole show?

Oh hey. Yeah. I totally watch "Once Upon A Time."


I think I need to change out my icons soon. Another icon post, maybe?
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Here it is, the new and improved edited version!

Title: Five Reasons Moony & Padfoot are NOT allowed in Portland without at least giving two weeks notice to the Ministry of Magic, The American Department of Magic, and Sean Renard so that all three Governments can set up appropriate safeguards (and hide the good booze)
Author: [personal profile] icarusinstatic
Fandom: Grimm, Harry Potter, allusions to Warehouse 13
Pairing: Nick/Renard, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Harry Potter AU as of the End of Book 4, Nick as Harry Potter, Sirius Black’s immature humor, Hank’s dislike of country music.
Summary: Three Things are known. One: That Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are war heroes. Two: While being war heroes, they are also a public menace. And Three: they regularly blow through Portland leaving mayhem and empty bars in their wake. See: the Great Zoo Incident of 2012 wherein there was much confusion about certain zoo animals possibly escaping, but really was an illegal DA party sponsored by Messrs. Black and Lupin. As such, Black and Lupin MUST notify the proper authorities two weeks in advance of any planned visit to Portland, Oregon. ~~ Ministerial Decree No. 689
Word Count: 4335

Sean Renard knew two things the first time he met Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. First, that they were the worst sort of people, scalawags, and second, he couldn't do a damn thing against them without upsetting Nick. )

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Title: Tea Leaves: Fortune Telling for the Common Man (Or 10 things you should know about the world Harry Potter left behind to become Nick Burkhart)
Author: icarusinstatic
Rating: pg-13
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Grimm/Warehouse13/Sherlock (see: end notes)
Characters/Pairings: Hanna/Neville, Bellatrix Lestrange, Bartimus Crouch Jr., Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, Amelia Bones, Susan Bones, The Weaselys, Albus Dumbledore, Marie Kessler
Warnings: Harry Potter AU (as of end of book 4), Crossover
Summary: The past is the past, this is true. But in understanding the past, we understand the motivations of the present.

Ten of the many things you should know about changes in Britian since the end of the second war. )



Mar. 31st, 2012 11:21 am
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How awesome was last nights episode? While I'm working on an episode review, how about a meme?

WIP MEME: post snippits from any and all WIPs on your hard drive.

I’ve got too many WIPS right now )
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Title: The Secret Society of Reformed Blutbaden
Author: [personal profile] icarusinstatic
Characters: Monroe, Nick, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Fandom: BBC’s Sherlock, Grimm
Summary: Is Monroe going to have to choke a bitch? Or that time that Nick and Sherlock were kind of bitchy alphas but not really and John and Monroe gossiped.
Notes:Moriarty is totally a Ziegevolk no one can convince me otherwise. For a prompt from the kink meme, BBC’s Sherlock and Grimm cross paths.

The Secret Society of Reformed Blutbaden )

Edited: Because I first wrote this when I thought Monroe's name was Eddie. Had to go back and change that when I realized I hadn't properly edited the name to reflect the times.

This may indeed be considered part of a larger crossover... at a much later date and only on the bare fringes of it. If I do write more in this storyline, it will possibly be only Grimm/Sherlock, but another fandom might pop up and surprise you. Never know.
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Some wonderful Anon-For-The-Moment Author wrote me an amazing story for the Grimm Exchange (every time I think that in my mind I can't help but laugh, because we are having a very grim exchange over there guys, it's serious business and proper attire is black business suites, though pin strip is also acceptable, and if you wear them black dresses, because we are very Grimm and Dreary and, okay whatever, I've had a long day, obviously I make no sense any more.)

But still, to whoever wrote my fic, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE IT! *bounces*

Here's the summary and link to it for anyone whose interested. It's awesome guys, y'all should go check it out.

Ma Moitié, My Half: Renard has had trouble figuring out how to approach Nick, as he is his Captain. However, a chance encounter between Grimm and King has given him the chance to win him over that he never thought he would have.

Nick/Renard, with Monroe&Nick friendship, and ensemble cast. 6,000 words.


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Me and my computer have a checkered history. Maybe it's heard about how it's predecessors ended up. To be fair, they ran Windows and all things Window's usually die on me pretty fast. Er... Not My Fault! I hate the blue screen of death as much as the next person does, and probably more than the computer.

1. "Work motherfucker" - said as my mom walked passed. Awesome.

2. "Don't do this to me again!" as iTunes starts to randomly play Sexyback while I'm in the Starbucks

3. "Work or I'll whack you with a spoon." And now the lady in Luby's think's I'm a wierdo.

4. "Open. Open. Open!!!!" It was suggested that maybe I'd had a bit too much caffeine, am inclined to agree as I was working on my third venti latte' and it wasn't even 2p.m. Also, the fact that I was yelling. Yes, yelling at my computer, in the Hastings. The stupid page, never did open.

5. "I'm sorry, baby. I'll never do it again." And my mom think's I'm too fond of my computer, but she didn't see the five minutes previous when her cat spilled my tea all over the table and I'd only just gotten the mess moped up. I'm damn lucky the computer didn't die that day.

....Yes, I am still playing procrastinators bingo. As Russell from the movie UP says "This is hard!"

Wish me luck. And maybe an hour of sleep.
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Yeah... Totally just outlined a "Ten Things You Don't Know About Nichole Burkhart" Fic, and a sequel, even though I have to work on a math project that should have been done yesterday (because math is horrible and evil not really, but I'm really bad at math okay? and I need time to freak out about it because it's due tomorrow OMG! D:).

Procrastination, you're going to kill me.

Bright side: Fic looks like it's going to be fun to write. Though do I keep putting every single permutation of Nick that I write into vice before being transferred into Renard's department is beyond me. I guess it's just head cannon that Nick was in Vice first and then Renard because Wu and Hank begged him and he liked Nick's brashness got him transferred over to his squad. I know I'm going to be proven wrong at some point, but I think I'll hang on to this version of events for a while longer thank you very much.

I'll probably get to working on that fic and a kink meme prompt if I can figure out what Nick's daemon would be after I finish the math project from hell. (It's not that I don't like math, because I do. I'm just not any good at it. And really, I'm a history major, why are you doing this to me school?! I even minored in PolySci and that's not a number's game either. Let me out of your math loving clutches!)


That said, if your good at math, I have nothing but respect for you. Rock on and all that.
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I keep swinging from one emotion to another with this Grimm Exchange people. Tell me I'm not the only one.

On the one hand, I'm totally excited to see all the entries into the exchange, because more fic/art is good fic/art. But on the other, what If people hate my entry? And then I go back to the thought of, yay more Fic, and maybe give myself a bit of whip lash.

Bright side, I do this every fic exchange I'm involved in, so at least I know what to expect.

Fics/Art will start being posted on the 20th so at least there's not much longer to wait.


OT: And can somebody please explain to me why I'm so damn excited to see the Hunger Games movie when I haven't read the books yet? (It looks like it's going to be epic.)
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Review for "Plumbed Serpent"

Going to stick with the list format for reviews for now. Beware of spoilers for next week near the end of the review.

Read more... )
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Review for last nights episode will be up in a couple of hours. In the mean time, I've been on the kink meme, and I'm reading [personal profile] joec's story Kätzchen and the latest installment got me thinking that Renards Coat, if it were a legit character would be the most badass coat of all time. y?/y? And so:

Title Fashion is just a state of mind
Author: [personal profile] icarusinstatic
Pairing/Characters: Nick/Renard, the casts coats and Jacket's, mention of Hank/Wu.
Warning: Jacket OT3 (er... yeah. Trust me on this. Nothing graphic though)
Summary: ...In a universe where clothes talk to each other Renard's coat would be king.
Word Count: 520
Authors note/Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Grimm and for the first time in ever I'd like to assure people that I totally approve of Nick's Jacket/Hoodie combo choice.

Read more... )

Edited: to add a couple more paragraphs.
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I'm really tired. So, I'll get a review up sometime tomorrow. But I'll just leave you with this question.

Did anyone else think that this was one of the most poorly written episodes of the season, or is that just me? (That said, there were definitely things I enjoyed, but I'll talk about that tomorrow).
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Also, I'm officially on spring break. Fanfiction ahoy! Maybe I can get caught up on all the fills I want to finish.
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Watch the video HERE

Support the effort to stop this terrible man.
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So, I'm writing the next section to "Learning to Think" and I think that it might turn into a one-sided thing between Mia and another character (whom I won't name) as well as Mason/Mia, um... WTF dude? Mia's not even interested in this person and augh! Anyways, I'm pretty sure, that yeah, that story line's going to happen, which was just, not how I originally planned it.

Also: does anyone have any info about Mason: did he have family mentioned in the episode he was in, or do we not know? (Or should I be asking this in General Discussion over on the kink meme? it's too late over here for me to really be thinking clearly, but eh...)

Am going to catch a couple hours of sleep before classes,
Stay cool, kitty cats!

p.s. I just spent the last week obsessing over what Mia and Masons different apartments look like, does anyone else doe this with their characters, or am I just being weird? (Also, Renard's apartment and Nick's House, if he didn't live with Juliette and Hank's swag place. Though clearly, Wu's house/nest because he's a magpie, prove me wrong tops them all.)
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First off, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first. I haven’t done a proper TV review since, way back, when I was into Supernatural and the world was filled with fake apocalypses and Dean and Cas were Dean and Cas. So, this may or may not be up to my usual standard.

Bright side.

You guys have never seen any of my TV reviews so y’all won’t know if I’ve actually gotten worse at these things.

Click past the cut for my ramblings on tonights Grimm Episode. SPOILERS AHOY!

Read more... )
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...Yeah, I have no idea what I was thinking with that title... whatever.

Somehow, I managed to pass my tests, even though I was out sick for the week before I was supposed to be taking them and then when I was taking them, I was probably sorta high on cough medicine. Also, the Supreme Court is very confusing, someone quick, go tell them to start making sense!

RE: fandom news.

1. I need to beta my finished Kink Meme fills and post them here. (Self, get off your backside and get to it!)

2. Probably going to work on "Learning To Think" and "The Examined Life" this weekend. I'm hoping to if not finish "The Examined Life" at least to get a second part up on the kink meme (writers block, you suck). "Learning to Think" is sorta mostly planned out, though I did just think up something to add into the October segment so I might need to switch things around. Coincidentally did the show say if Mason had any family? If not, I'll just make something up, but if it did and any of y'all know please drop a line.

3. the Grimm Exchange due date is coming up - Um... I've been working on my bit for it, and that's all I'll say, except to ask if anyone is willing to beta a fic for me. I don't want to say the pairings here, but I can do private message (if i ever figure out how to do that on DW) to talk about it.

4. Grimm's kink meme needs another love thread or something. All the negativity over there is kind of getting me down. It's not like it's overwhelmingly bad, but still.

5. I should probably make another batch of icons sometime soon too. There've been some pretty awesome episodes since I last did an icon post.

6. Renard is a BAMF. That is all.


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